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          1. Instrument Coil

            1. Instrument Coil is used in notebooks, copiers, mobile phones, modern game consoles, TVs, CRT monitors, printers and other electronic products.
            2. The circular inductors are open magnetic circuit design, low cost and high reliability.
            3. The Instrument Coil is made of excellent flame-retardant materials: high hardness, not easy to deform, fire-resistant, and high-temperature resistant.

            • ZD
            • Liaoning Dandong
            • 30 days
            • 500K/ month


            Advantages of Instrument Coil:

            • Instrument Coil has low resistivity, low heat generation, independent switch, energy saving and power saving.

            • The circular coil has low power loss, and the sockets of The circular inductors are universal and suitable for a wide range of applications.

            • The circular inductors have a wide range of applications and are guaranteed authentic.

            Ac filter

            Specifications of Instrument Coil:


            The circular inductors

            Introduction of Instrument Coil:

            The circular inductors are what we often call ring-wound inductors. It is made of a spiral wire. For DC signals, as long as it is a wire, it can be turned on. However, for high-frequency signals, the transmission of signals is carried out by the alternation of electric and magnetic fields in space. The inductance will generate a magnetic field for the alternating electric field, which hinders the changing strength of the alternating magnetic field of the signal, thereby hindering the transmission of high-frequency signals. From the point of view of simulation, the inductance passes through DC and blocks high frequency, so it is equivalent to a low-pass filter, which mainly plays the role of suppressing high-frequency signals.

            Ac filter

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