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          1. Magnetic Loop Type Power Filter

            1. Magnetic Loop Type Power Filter has small stray capacitance, large high-frequency impedance value, small impedance deviation, and large working current.
            2. Magnetic Loop Type Power Filter has good electromagnetic compatibility.
            3. The magnetic core of the Magnetic Loop Type Power Filter is made of MnZn ferrite material with high magnetic permeability, which has high resistance to noise.

            • ZD
            • Liaoning Dandong
            • 30 days
            • 500K/ month


            The scope of application of Power filter:

            Inductance coil is widely used in anti-EMI lines such as TV, communication, air conditioner and computer. For example: for communication, network, computer; industrial, scientific and medical equipment; household electronic equipment such as TV, audio, air conditioner; various electronic instruments, aerospace equipment, etc.

            Power filter

            The main specifications of Magnetic Loop Type Power Filter:


            Inductance coil

            Advantages of Magnetic Loop Type Power Filter:

            • Magnetic Loop Type Power Filter has excellent impact resistance and non-destructive durability.

            • Closed magnetic circuit design reduces leakage flux and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

            • The iron-based metal material core provides a large saturation current.

            • Automated production ensures high quality and consistency.

            • Power filter has high power, high current, lead-free and environmental protection, long service life and wide range of uses.

            Power filter

            About our company:

            We are a professional team. Our members are engaged in transformer and coil manufacturing for many years, and have rich experience in design and manufacture.

            We are a young team. With an average age of just 28, we are young and innovative.

            We are a focused team. We firmly believe that the quality of the brand comes from the trust of customers. Only focus, can do good quality.

            We are a team with a dream. We come from all over the country, because of a common dream: to be a really excellent transformer manufacturing enterprise. To provide customers with the highest quality products and services.

            At the same time, the company fully implements the ISO9001 quality control system, the company's products are in line with UL, RoHS, TUV, VDE, CE, GS, EMC and other countries safety and environmental standards certification, product quality can be trusted!

            The main products of Zhongding Electronics are high frequency transformer, power frequency transformer, communication network special transformer, SMD patch transformer, plane transformer, pot-sealing transformer, I-inductor, SMD patch inductor, magnetic core inductor coil, common mode inductor, various transformers, choke and filter, and other categories. Our products are widely used in the following market areas: military and aerospace fields, medical cosmetology, new energy vehicles, industrial equipment, household appliances, HVAC and air conditioning equipment, LED lighting systems, smart home appliances, security systems, transportation equipment, communication equipment, green energy, etc.

            Inductance coil

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