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          1. Switching Transformers For Instrumentation

            1. Electron transformer has stable performance and wide applicability.
            2. Electron transformer is easy to install and has multiple protection.
            3. Electron transformer has good anti-interference and high temperature resistant coil.

            • ZD
            • Liaoning Dandong
            • 30 days
            • 500K/ month


            Introduction to Switching Transformers For Instrumentation:

            Switching transformer refers to the transformer used in the switching power supply, which works in the pulse state of ten to dozens of kilohertz or even hundreds of kilohertz frequency, and the iron core is generally made of ferrite material.

            Switching power transformer

            Main specifications of Switching Transformers For Instrumentation:

            Product brand


            Product Name

            Switching Transformers For Instrumentation

            Work noise

            <60 dB

            Product packaging

            Typesetting and packing, multiple protection

            switching transformer

            Advantages of Switching Transformers For Instrumentation:

            1. Switching transformer uses PET Mara tape:

            PET high temperature Mara tape is waterproof, flame retardant and high temperature resistant, and has better insulation protection.

            2. The logo of Switching transformer is clear:

            Each transformer will be affixed with the corresponding parameter information to make it easy to distinguish and install.

            3. Switching transformer has good performance: 

            Select excellent materials, strictly control production quality, high product stability, sufficient power, good performance.

            electron transformer

            Application areas of power electronic transformer:

            Widely used in: medical equipment, UPS uninterruptible power supply, EPS emergency power supply digital products, chargers, power adapters, lighting, communication equipment monitoring equipment and other industries.

            Introduction of the company

            Dandong Zhongding Electronics Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in the switching transformer manufacturing industry, committed to providing customers with a variety of transformer coil products. Tripod electronics was founded in the beginning of 2000, established so far, the company spirit of "quality cast brilliant" purpose, in the industry by the "high quality, good service" praise. Located in Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China, the existing area of 8500 square meters of self-built high standard factory, more than 200 employees. With modern production equipment and product testing instruments, as well as a number of high-quality science and technology management personnel. The company has development and design Department, technology Department, quality Department, business Department and other departments, all the use of advanced digital management system, strict control of product quality, be sure to make all kinds of product quality is stable and reliable, our team has a quick thinking planners, also have practical experience in marketing, also have a good speaker, as well as first-class operators, More forward-looking leaders. Because of the same dream we came together, formed a team. With strength as our shield, confidence as our spear and unity as our courage, we have formed a passionate and fearless team.

            Switching power transformer

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